About us

We, Mettalloids Limited, are a company of innovative and intellectual minds. We power and develop technologies, partner with our clients and run successful businesses that are centered around using technology to automate processes.

Our story

Mettalloids Limited has since its inception in 2007 authored over 1000 creative works and still counting. Registered under the Corporate Affairs Commision, we are here not only to present you with our mind blowing creativity, but a touch of excellence and service as well.
  • Energy Solution
  • Software Solution
  • Hardware Solution
  • Business Development
  • Branding

At Mettalloids, our main aim is the creating of innovative and intellectual processes with the use of technology. We embrace new, creative and vibrant ideas – we create ours and we support and fund others.
We hope to be the first point of call when references are made to matters concerning Technology, Automation and Process Simplification.

To create value in people and ideas
To create solutions that work and are needed EACH DAY by at least one person in every twenty people
worldwide. (This is a bold one, but we are up to the task)

People: Our employees and clients
Integrity: We offer swift services to our clients’ satisfaction. We deliver accurately and keep our word.
Innovation: Bringing creative and innovative ideas to the forefront.
Timeliness: Creating and Maintaining timely delivery and schedules.

Our desire is to provide the best range of services through technology, help bring bright ideas to life, build and maintain long lasting partnerships and also to maximize potentials.












Our directors

Here is the team that makes the big decisions at the top, while maintaining strong company culture and growing the business bank balance.

Mofesola Babalola CEO

He's a passionate technology enthusiast who sees and grabs every need to automate processes. He loves weighing ideas, analysing systems and businesses to produce the best of decisions.

Omoloro Oyegoke COO

He's an Information Technology enthusiast with experience in several areas of the field but especially proficient in development in C#, PHP, Java and Javascript. He has also worked with XMPP and cloud services, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS) and he's proficient in *nix system administration.

Victor Medahunsi CTO

He's an ideas generator, capable of breathing innovation and solutions to businesses. He loves branding, marketing and digital solutions. His career objective is to better understand consumer patterns and ways to reach them more effectively.

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